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Conduct your Double Materiality Assessment, collect data from your entire group and have our AI draft your final audit-ready report.
"Daato is way more flexible than other solutions on the market, extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. The data collection options are very advanced and match our complex company structure. On top of this, Daato is for us a wealth of knowledge when it comes to complying with the CSRD and setting up our ESG reporting processes."

Jukka Viitanen - Head of Sustainability

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The ESRS - European Sustainability Reporting Standards are a set of standards for companies operating within the EU to comply with the CSRD - Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

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Daato’s ESRS reporting workflow has been successfully audited against ISAE 3000 standards

Run your Double Materiality Assessment

Identify and assess potentially relevant sustainability matters and their materiality by considering and evaluating their impacts, risks and opportunities through a robust scoring methodology and stakeholder engagement workflows.

Developed in collaboration with auditors
Standard and custom list of sustainability matters
Surveys with internal and external stakeholders (incl. weighing of stakeholders)
Suggestions of potentially relevant matters and IROs
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Aggregate ESRS data across your entire organization

Collect all relevant ESRS data across your entire organization through simple workflows and API integrations into 100+ systems. Track progress in real-time, communicate with colleagues and make use of our sophisticated approval workflows.

Automated data collection
Simple and efficient data collection workflows
100+ API-Integrations into existing software systems
Tracking of all actions to ensure audit-readiness

Analyse your performance & report

Track the completion of your ESRS report and generate audit-ready exports in just a few clicks. Set targets and track progress across the ESRS KPIs, which are visualized on performance dashboards.

XBRL reporting and block tagging
Sophisticated analytics and target-setting
Multi-level performance management

Kick-off your audit workflow

Invite certified CSRD auditors directly to your reporting instance and have them review all your work to reduce the time required for auditing services.

Documentation of each action & audit log for each datapoint
Comprehensive approval flows & 4-eyes-principle
Access & reading rights for auditors


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