Sustainability Professionals

What sustainability 
professionals can achieve with Daato

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Collect and centralize all your organization’s sustainability data

Data collection main points

Standardized workflows for data collection

Aggregate and visualize all ESG data

Auto-filling across reports

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Report and comply on all frameworks relevant to you

We support the most common reporting regulations and voluntary frameworks such as the CSRD, GRI, SASB, TCFD, ISO 14001, EMAS and many others. You can follow their completion and generate your compliance reports.

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From the get-go, we take into consideration your reporting maturity. If you have already been reporting on your sustainability, you will be able to import your reports and documents to carry on the efforts made in previous years.

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Monitor your ESG performance and receive recommendations to get better

Analyze all collected data in custom dashboards Receive targeted action proposals to improve your sustainability.

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By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, Daato’s objective is to create a more comprehensive and effective approach to sustainability that takes into account the needs and perspectives of all members of society.

This way, you can bring auditors and consultants to help you make your organizations more transparent and resilient.

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