Procurement Professionals

What procurement professionals can
achieve with Daato

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Involve all actors of your value chain

Bring your suppliers onto Daato and use our standard workflows to collect ESG data from your entire supply chain. We classify each supplier with a sustainability score and prioritize them from high to low risk.

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You, as well as your collaborators, receive guidance to provide quality data and have the option to relay the request deeper in the supply chain if the information is not available to them.

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Manage all your supply chain sustainability in one place

Our holistic supply chain sustainability solution enables you to prevent, identify and manage risks among your suppliers:

  • Assess suppliers for sustainability risks
  • Communicate your governance requirements
  • Implement a complaint mechanism
  • Train your stakeholders on human rights and environmental topics
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Comply with relevant legislation

Are you required to comply with due diligence laws where your company is operating? With our multiple modules you can monitor the completion of your compliance report on the German Lieferkettengesetz, the French Loi de Vigilance, the UFLPA, or the upcoming CSDDD.

You can invite auditors to Daato and certify your report before your submission.

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Improve your value chain ESG performance

Receive targeted actions proposals to prevent and mitigate risks among your suppliers and directly improve how sustainable your organization is.

By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, Daato’s objective is to create a more comprehensive and effective approach to sustainability that takes into account the needs and perspectives of all members of society.

This way, you can bring auditors and consultants to help you make your supply chains more respectful of human rights and nature, and therefore more resilient.

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