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Assign data collection responsibilities

Assign reporting duties to any internal or external stakeholder and monitor their completion. We provide guidance for them to properly fulfil the request, or reassign it to a more relevant collaborator.

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Get an exhaustive view of your ESG performance, and inefficiencies

We offer detailed insights on where your organization stands in terms of sustainability. Set your targets within the tool, monitor them using custom dashboards and receive recommendations to increase your sustainability performance.

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Generate compliant and custom reports

Whether it is for your shareholders or because of regulatory requirements, you can export compliant reports in just a few clicks.

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By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, Daato’s objective is to create a more comprehensive and effective approach to sustainability that takes into account the needs and perspectives of all members of society.

This way, you can bring auditors, consultants or any stakeholders involved with your ESG performance to support your efforts towards making your organization more sustainable.

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