What auditors can
achieve with Daato

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Access your customers report and audit log

It works both ways: reporters can invite you to perform your auditing services, or you can centralize and streamline your processes by bringing them and run continuous auditing.

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Bring your audit team on the tool

Take advantage of our user management board to bring the responsible audit professionals on Daato and give them flexible access and permissions.

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Breakdown your audit process

You have the possibility to assign reporting sections to various collaborators and monitor the completion of your audit.

Audit progress
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Walkthrough inspections and data reviews

Along your auditing journey, you can challenge your customers on any data points or section of their reports by commenting or requesting more information. Considering the complexity of the reports, this feature drastically reduces confusion and room for errors.

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By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, Daato’s objective is to create a more comprehensive and effective approach to sustainability that takes into account the needs and perspectives of all members of society.

This way, you can centralize your auditing services throughout the entire sustainability journey of your customers and bring any relevant partners to help them be more transparent and resilient.

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