Supply chain sustainability

The simple and efficient solution to comply with your supply chain due diligence legislation

Our solution for supply chain sustainability.
Simple, efficient, compliant.

Risk analysis

Assess all your suppliers within seconds and inquire about specific risks with high risk suppliers with the click of a button.

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Abstract risk assessment

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Concrete risk assessment

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Media monitoring

Mitigation actions

When encountering risks or finding out about violations, take preventative or remedial action immediately and collaborate with your supplier to alleviate them.

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Standard & custom measures

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Assign responsibilites and track progress

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Training and guidance for suppliers

Grievance Mechanism

Allow any third party or person to file grievance aligned around human rights or environmental risks.

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Simple & efficient grievance mechanism

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Grievance mechanism and remedial actions


Automatically create compliant reports at the click of a button.

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Reporting along BAFA requirements

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Automated report filling

The features that make a difference

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Cut through the noise with Daato's S-Score and prioritize high risk suppliers in seconds

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Automated SAQs

Send intelligent SAQs to all suppliers at the click of a button

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Media Monitoring

Constant monitoring of suppliers through 150 million news and social media sources

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High supplier acceptance

Supplier response rates above 80%, additional coverage through media monitoring

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Standard measures

Standard preventative and remedial measures proposed by Daato

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Simple reporting

Automated filling of BAFA report template through Daato

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