Understand, report and build a strategy to reduce your organization's GHG emissions


Corporate Carbon Footprint

Report on the most widely used sustainability framework and monitor your ESG performance


Product Carbon Footprint

Generate your yearly DNK report with up-to-date data on your sustainability performance.

Our approach at Daato

Daato's circular appraoch to sustainability


Our workflows help you collect carbon data from any stakeholders. Let us take care of the operational monotony.

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Tailor the solution to your requirements and make sure you are performing an exhaustive reporting of your carbon footprint.

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We support multiple use cases to help you measure your carbon footprint, understand your pitfalls and work towards reducing it.

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Receive targeted recommendations to reduce your footprint, analyze likely carbon scenarios and set strategy around them.

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Your holistic solution for decarbonization

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Data Centralization

Collect data from all your relevant stakeholders internally and externally, to calculate and map your  carbon footprint accurately.

Auto reminders and follow ups for future years are integrated.

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Targets & Measures

Set scope 1, 2 and 3 targets over years and plan emission reduction and offset measures to meet your objectives.

Monitor your performance against your objective and communicate them.

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Scenario Analysis

Simulate the impact of multiple carbon footprint scenarios to understand, adjust and plan your emission reduction.

Prioritize the right measures.

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Get a comprehensive overview of your organization's carbon footprint.

Understand your emissions sources, categories,  trends, hotspots and much more.

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Audit Workflow

Invite Certified Carbon Auditing Professionals to collaborate directly on your reporting instance.

Save time and costs.

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The features that make Daato holistic

Daato - API integrations
API Integrations
Integrate Daato with your relevant entreprise software such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, EMS...
Daato - custom reporting
Custom Reporting
Bring custom frameworks onto our platform and use your own methodologies.
Stakeholder Management
Import all your contacts and create a repository to collect data from all of them easily at any time.
Daato - Standard ESG reporting frameworks
Standard Frameworks
Don’t spend time figuring out what information you need to report on, our workflows make it easy for you
Daato - Workflow management
Workflow Management
Automate your data collection as much as possible and minimize your operational efforts
Daato - Educational content
Educational Content
Receive guidance developed by our team of ESG experts all along your reporting journey.
Daato - Audit logs
Audit log
Maintain a comprehensive activity log that contains all inputs and export  auditable data on-demand
Daato - Data import and data export
Data Import & Export
Bring your data to Daato through document imports and export it in just a few clicks
Daato - Data scenario modeling
Scenario Modeling
Assess how you would perform if you were to adjust your sustainability strategies.
Daato - Data re-use
Re-use data
We bridge your already provided data and add it to other frameworks to reduce yourreporting effort.
Daato - Data sovereignty
Data Sovereignty
Remain in full control of who can view, edit, and share your data at all times with our data protection measures.

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