SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING / Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

ESRS for CSRS compliance

Report on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards and ensure your CSRD-compliance
In June of 2020, the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) was reviewed by the EU Commission and opened to conversation to a document update. Its extended version, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive was issued in April of 2021 in order to include a largest scope of companies, that were not in the initial NFRD threshold.

With the CSRD, the EU is for the first time developing legally binding, concrete standards according to which sustainability reporting must be carried out. While the CSRD borrows from widely used voluntary frameworks, such as GRI, SASB and the TCFD, it will also differ from them.

The ESRS standards broken down for you

breakdown of ESRS standards for CSRD compliance daato

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Your CSRD Reporting solution

Data collection workflows

Have available data automatically flow into your CSRD report from existing past NFRD reports, existing software systems and collect data from colleagues inside and outside your organization (other business units, partners, and subsidiaries).  

Requirement explanation and KPIs

We break down the details of the CSRD in a way that makes it accessible and easily understandable to different organizational functions. We provide additional explanation and support from outside sources in order to empower you to create your most accurate and actionable reporting.

Dashboard and report generation

Based on your inputs, we help generate standard CSRD reports and allow you to build custom dashboards so you always have the most important information quickly available. Our team is here to create the output you need alongside you and keep an eye on regulation evolution.

Other relevant frameworks

Take advantage of Daato's modular approach to sustainability and consolidate your ESG data, processes and performance indicators.
Here are the relevant frameworks overlapping with the CSRD:
EU Taxonomy
European's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive
Global Reporting Initiative
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