Combined approach to multiple use cases

Bundle several frameworks and products to consolidate your ESG processes and data

A holistic solution to your ESG use cases

Data Centralization

Breakdown the barriers between departments in your entire organization. Collect data from any internal or external stakeholders and set workflows to continuously monitor your ESG performance.

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Automated follow-ups & reminders

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User & responsibility management

Flexible reporting

Take advantage of our flexible reporting engine to capitalize on your compliance efforts by selecting all your relevant sustainability reporting frameworks

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Data overlap between frameworks

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Consolidation of ESG processes

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Single source of truth for everything ESG

Training & Guidance

Use guidance developed by sustainability experts to improve data quality. This ensures concepts are understood by your collaborators and they have the necessary knowledge to answer requests and get engaged in your organization's sustainability

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Mandatory training requests

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Common guidance and wording

Dashboard & Recommendations

All your sustainability performance is under one roof. Set your objectives, monitor where you stand and get targeted action proposals on how to achieve them.

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Custom dashboard

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One-click export

The features that make a difference

Stakeholder management feature visual

Stakeholder Management

Import all your contacts and create arepository to collect data from all ofthem easily at any time.

Educational content feature visual

Educational Content

Use a common guidance among all your stakeholders

Audit log feature visual

Audit Log

Maintain a comprehensive activity log that contains all inputs and export auditable data on-demand

Data sovereignty feature visual

Data Sovereignty

Remain in full control of who can view, edit, and share your data at all times with our data protection measures.

Data import and export feature visual

Data Import & Export

Maintain a comprehensive activity log that contains all inputs and export auditable data on-demand

Reuse data feature visual

Re-use data

We bridge your already provided data and add it to other frameworks to reduce yourreporting effort.

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