Corporate Carbon Footprint

Compile your entire's organization GHG emission data under one roof and start working towards reducing your impact

Start your CO2 reduction journey with Daato

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Centralize your carbon emission data

Collect data from all your relevant subsidiaries / businesses to calculate and track your carbon footprint exhaustively.

We take care of integrating auto reminders and follow-ups

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
Spend- and activity-based
Broadest database for emission factors
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Set your carbon emission targets

Set realistic scope 1, 2 and 3 targets over the years and accelerate the emission reduction within each entity in your orgnization.

Compare your performance against those targets and better understand your pitfalls and hotspots.

Target-setting across scopes and years
Track progress towards targets
Visualize achievements and hotspots
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Measures & Scenarios

Create emission reduction measures to work towards achieving your targets
Simulate the impact of these actions on your carbon footprint and compare multiple emission scenarios.

Set concrete measures towards CO2 reduction
Assign colleagues and track measures
Model and plan reduction scenarios
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Generate your reports

Generate necessary reports to communicate your emission reduction performance, objective and strategy with your stakeholders.

Your carbon footprint data can also be included in your mandatory ESG reporting such as the ESRS or SFDR.

Report creation in different formats with one click
Data bridging into ESRS and GRI reports
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Kick-off your audit workflow

Invite Certified Carbon Auditing Professionals directly on your reporting instance to streamline collaboration and reducing the time required for auditing services.

An audit log for each datapoint ensures transparency and traceability in the reporting process. 

Access & reading rights for auditors
Documentation of all actions & methodologies in the tool

What else do we offer?

Orgnization map

Organizational management

Intuitively map out your entire organization structure to run an exhaustive report.

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Fully customizable

Upload your own carbon emission factors and only focus on what's relevant to you.

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Use your carbon footprinting information to comply with the CSRD (ESRS E1).

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