Understand, report and build a strategy to reduce your organization's GHG emissions

The simple way to measure and manage your carbon emissions.

Data collection

Collect and manage data from all your relevant stakeholders internally and externally, to calculate and map your carbon footprint accurately.

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Subsidiary and location based collection

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Supplier data collection

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Automated follow-ups & reminders

Target setting & Tracking

Set scope 1, 2 and 3 targets over years and plan emission reduction and offsetting measures to meet your objectives.

Monitor your performance against your objective and understand return on investment for reduction measures.

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Live tracking & monitoring

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Flexible measures

Scenario modelling

Simulate the impact of multiple carbon footprint scenarios to understand, adjust and plan your emission reduction.

Prioritize the right measures.

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Comprehensive scenario comparison

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Procurement strategy guidance


Report your Carbon Footprint and prepare for disclosures under the ESRS or other sustainability reporting frameworks.

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One-click reporting

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Data export in different formats

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Custom dashboard & reporting

Audit readiness

Invite Certified Auditing Professionals to review directly on your reporting instance.

Save time and costs.

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Intuitive collaboration

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3rd party certification verification

The features that make a difference

Organizational management feature visual

Organizational Management

Import all your contacts and create a repository to collect data from all of them easily at any time.

GHG Protocol feature visual

GHG Protocol

Data collection methodology is aligned with the GHG Protocol

Target setting and scenario planning feature visual

Target setting & scenario planning

Set and track targets and model scenarios. Move from measuring to management.

Emission factors feature visual

Emission factors

Daato relies on the most advanced databases of emission factors to ensure highest accuracy

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Export data in various formats (e.g. CSV, PDF, Word, etc.)

Import and integrations feature visual

Import & integrations

Integrate existing data from other systems and have data flow automatically into Daato

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